Pim Cauwels

Hi, my name is Pim Cauwels. Born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently living in and enjoying Haarlem. Photography has always fascinated me. It’s unbelievable to have the ability to capture moments, and more important, feelings.


I went to the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam and followed a photography course. After successfully finishing the course, I applied for the more in depth study. The study has taught me a lot about lighting, gear and most important making meaningful images. UMSJATKA studios taught me a lot about the business and real high-end photoshoots. During the study, I had the privilege to be an intern at the Amsterdam based studio and equipment rental company.


My interest for portraits grew during this period of internship. People are the most interesting creatures on earth. I’m currently delving into this branch of photography. My passion is as strong as ever!

Feel free to contact me about anything.
I’m open to collaborations.